Weather can lead to a crash in many ways, from slippery road conditions due to ice, snow or rain to heavy winds that leave debris scattered across the road. Fog is another weather-related hazard that has to be taken into consideration, and some parts of the country see foggy conditions very often. In areas where fog is less prevalent, it is still dangerous, especially since some drivers are not very familiar with driving in these conditions. Sadly, fog has caused many car accidents that have claimed lives over the years.

Driving in the fog can be dangerous because visibility is so poor. When a driver cannot see very far in front of them, they may be more likely to collide with another vehicle, veer off of the road or run into an obstacle (such as a fallen tree limb) that they were unable to see from afar. Sometimes, it is smart to avoid driving altogether until visibility improves, but many drivers push through the fog because they have to get to work.

Those who do drive when it is extremely foggy may try to reduce the chances of a crash by driving slowly, especially around turns. However, this can still be dangerous, especially since other drivers may be less cautious. In some instances, drivers are unable to see down the road and can only make out what is right in front of them. For those who are not familiar with the roads in a certain area, this can be especially risky. Moreover, when someone is struck by a reckless driver, they should explore legal options.