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Failing to use turn signals can lead to a reckless driving charge

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Traffic Offenses Blog Post |

All drivers on the road, including those operating large trucks, have a duty to drive responsibly and follow traffic laws. This includes obeying speed limits and using proper signals before turning or changing lanes. In situations where a driver fails to give proper signals, they may face serious consequences under Virginia laws.

In extreme cases, they may even face a reckless driving charge.

What state law says about turn signals

According to Virginia law, drivers should exercise caution when changing direction or speed. This means that they must provide “adequate and timely signals” to communicate their intentions to other drivers on the road. The term “adequate” means that the signal must be clear enough for other drivers to understand the driver’s intentions. On the other hand, the term “timely” means that drivers must give those signals early enough for other drivers to react safely. This law applies to all drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving.

Failure to abide by the law

Unfortunately, it’s possible for drivers to neglect to use their signals. Forgetting to signal to other drivers could result in violations of the law.
In such cases, drivers can cause confusion or accidents on the road, putting other drivers at risk. These situations could escalate, leading to a reckless driving charge. The law aims to prevent these dangerous scenarios and their subsequent repercussions by mandating the use of adequate and timely signals for every intended action on the road.

Reckless driving is a crime

Virginia does not treat reckless driving just like any minor traffic violation. In fact, the state considers it a crime. So, given its severity, it’s crucial for drivers who plan to turn, slow down or stop at any moment to use their turn signals effectively and promptly. Otherwise, they could be at risk of receiving a reckless driving charge. For drivers with an active charge of this nature, they should consider seeking an attorney to help with their case. This can help protect their rights in the event of further legal complications.