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4 ways to file a workers’ compensation claim in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Workers' Compensation Blog Post |

The workers’ compensation claims process can be tedious, requiring injured workers to meet specific requirements and deadlines. It might be easy to submit the necessary forms considering the numerous channels the Workers’ Compensation Commission provides. However, completing these procedures might be in vain if the claimant fails to consider the appropriate timelines for each step.

Before filing any forms, it is a prerequisite for an injured worker to report the incident or the diagnosis to their employer. In most cases, employees should do so as soon as possible. Still, the appropriate timeline is within 30 days after sustaining the injury or receiving a diagnosis of a work-related injury. Failing to meet this deadline could increase the chances of the claim’s denial.

Once reported, the injured worker can file a claim using the following channels:

  • Appearing in person: Fill out the claim for benefits form and submit it to any of the commission’s offices. Remember that the office might require identification for all visitors, including claimants.
  • Mailing the claim: Claimants can complete the form and send it by mail to the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Richmond address.
  • Faxing the form: Claimants can fax the completed form to 804-823-6956.
  • Using the online portal: The claimant can create an account online using their identification numbers. Then, they can file a claim through the online portal.

Choosing the method of filing a claim could depend on the claimant’s preferences. If they face any issues during the process, they can contact the commission by mail or phone for guidance.

Organizing claim requirements

No amount of preparation can guarantee approval of a workers’ compensation claim. However, organizing requirements and meeting deadlines could help the commission respond appropriately based on the claim’s details.