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A Strong For Reckless Driving

If you are facing a Reckless Driving charge in southwest Virginia, including Roanoke, Botetourt, Franklin, or Montgomery County, call Miller & Webb, LLP at 540-627-5131. We represent Virginia residents, out-of-state-drivers, tractor trailer and professional drivers, college students, and everyone in-between. The initial consultation is free and confidential.

If You Drove Too Fast, We Can Help

The most common type of Reckless Driving in Virginia is a “Reckless Driving by speed” charge under Virginia Code 46.2-862. Police often write Reckless Driving tickets for speeding 81+ mph or 20+ mph over the speed limit.

We have been successful at reducing such criminal charges down to non-criminal moving violations. Our clients have avoided permanent criminal records, jail time, and losing their license (or for out-of-state-residents the ability to drive through Virginia). In addition, such a break drastically lowered the fine his clients have had to pay and can lower the demerit points put on their driving record.

We can usually handle the Reckless Driving by speed charges himself. Despite signing a promise to appear in court, many clients do not actually have to come if they are represented by counsel. This was very important for clients living far from the courthouse, especially those living in another state, or those who not want to miss work or school. Depending on the speed and the client’s mitigation efforts, we have been able to get Reckless Driving by speed charges dismissed completely.

If You Had An Accident, We Can Help

Police officers can charge you with Reckless Driving generally if the officer believes you are operating your vehicle on a public road in a way that could put another’s life or property in danger. You can also be charged with Reckless Driving for driving recklessly in a parking lot, “racing” another vehicle, passing a stopped school bus letting off children, or having defective brakes.

When the police respond to an accident — even a single vehicle accident where nobody was hurt — many police officers’ first reaction is to charge Reckless Driving under Virginia Code 46.2-852 (or a similar code section. Beware that what you tell the responding police officer about the accident can be used against you. However, keep in mind that the government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you drove “recklessly… or in a manner as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.”

We have had success getting Reckless Driving charges reduced to Improper Driving, a non-criminal moving violation, or completely dismissed, due to weak evidence of recklessness. Also, if you reacted to a sudden emergency, like a deer crossing the highway or a blown tire, that too can justify a reduction or dismissal of the charge.

Just as with Reckless Driving by speed charges, we can often resolve Reckless Driving charges arising from an accident without you ever having to come to court.

The Serious Criminal And Financial Consequences Of Reckless Driving

Most people are shocked to learn that in Virginia, Reckless Driving is a crime. It is not merely a traffic infraction. Being convicted of Reckless Driving will mean that you will have a permanent criminal record. Your automobile insurance premium will likely increase. A conviction could seriously hurt your applications to college, grad school or employment. And it could prevent you from being promoted or even get your fired from your job.

The maximum penalties for a Reckless Driving conviction are:

  • A 12-month jail sentence. In many jurisdictions, an active jail sentence is likely for driving 90+ mph. It is practically guaranteed for driving 100+ mph.
  • A six-moth license suspension
  • A $2500 fine
  • 6 demerit points in Virginia on your driving history
  • Following a Reckless Driving conviction, your auto insurance premium will likely become even more expensive.

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