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How can you encourage responsibility from fleet drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Traffic Offenses Blog Post |

When your responsibility is to manage a fleet of company vehicles in Virginia, one of your primary responsibilities is to enforce safe driving practices. Combining traffic laws with your own corporate policies may provide a well-rounded and complete set of expectations for your employees. 

The methods you choose to use in encouraging responsibility from your drivers may vary depending on your industry, the type of vehicles in your fleet and the job description of your employees. However, your commitment to implementing, monitoring and assessing a consistent compliance program may make the difference in preventing unnecessary car accidents. 

Start with motivation

Drivers who feel motivated to add value to your company and help achieve reasonable goals may also practice more responsibility and show more loyalty. According to Gorilla Safety Fleet Management, some of the ways to increase motivation amongst your fleet drivers include the following: 

  • Encourage feedback and provide convenient and frequent opportunities for your fleet members to share their thoughts 
  • Reward your drivers who actively follow procedures and demonstrate responsibility 
  • Develop career pathways and discuss how compliance builds credibility and respect for potential promotions 
  • Actively communicate with your drivers and demonstrate your commitment to helping them do their job safely and effectively 
  • Create opportunities for your experienced fleet drivers to mentor and teach your newer members 

Analyze program effectiveness

Once you implement a safety program, recognize that your work is not done. Periodically analyze how effective your approach is to encouraging driver safety. Make modifications as needed to maintain a system that effectively promotes compliance and responsibility. If one of your fleet drivers does get in an accident, immediately conduct an investigation to assess what changes may prevent future accidents from happening.