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Understanding what qualifies as a school zone?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Traffic Offenses Blog Post |

As schools begin to pick back up, it is your responsibility as a driver to make sure you are alert and aware of how this may change your commute. You know you must watch out at bus stops and when interacting with buses on the roadways, but you also must be aware of school zones.

The Roanoke website explains school zones are designated areas around and near schools.

Zone awareness

School zones have signs alerting you to the designated areas. You will see signs stating there is a school ahead or that show images of children or pedestrians. Even if there is no speed limit change, you should slow down and pay extra attention when driving into a school zone.

These zones are typically around the entrances to school property. You should watch out for children crossing the street and for busses picking up and dropping off children.

Always yield to pedestrians crossing the road. Children may be unaware of proper crossing rules, so you have to take the initiative to help assure their safety. Watch for children crossing the roads in residential areas as well, even if they are not close to the school.

Speed limit awareness

A recent change regarding school zones in Roanoke lowered the speed limit to 15 MPH. The new 15MPH speed limit may not apply in all areas, so you must pay attention to signs to know when it is in effect. In addition, the speed limit does not last all day. It is effective during the time students travel to school and then when they leave school.