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Dangers on the job for nurses

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation Blog Post |

Nurses are responsible for the care and comfort of the sick and injured. So what happens when a caretaker becomes hurt or ill as a result of the job?

Workers’ compensation law covers those in the healthcare field who find themselves needing medical attention. Some nursing components make it a profession that may incur a higher rate of injuries than others. Find out more about the dangers that lurk for these essential workers.

Strain and stress

Nurses provide crucial care for patients and unparalleled support for physicians. In the hospital and clinical settings, the job is fairly physical. Nurses must move patients, including those who far outweigh them. While medical facilities have rules to help minimize physical strain on nurses, it does not completely stop it from happening. Nurses find themselves dealing with sore backs, shoulder strain and foot pain. The musculoskeletal system is often under a great deal of stress due to the constant movement and strain nursing puts on the body.

Pricks and punctures

The use of needles in administering medication and treatment is common in the medical community. Unfortunately, even the most seasoned professionals may suffer a prick or puncture from a needle. Some patients may move suddenly, causing the needle to move erratically. Other times, the improper disposal of hypodermic may result in a puncture. When a used needle punctures the skin, a nurse may have to deal with the prospect of disease transmission. If the needle contained medication, an allergic or deadly reaction may result.

Nursing is hard on the body and mind. It is a noble profession that demands selflessness and responsibility. With such a physically demanding job, injuries may occur that could sideline even the most passionate caregiver.

COVID exposure

Nurses are part of our frontline workers and serve an essential role in protecting our community. Those nurses who are exposed to COVID as part of their work may be covered under Virginia Code Section 65.2-400 which provides worker’s compensation coverage for those exposed to diseases occurring in the workplace. The development of facts in support of an occupation disease claim requires a timely investigation. Ask the attorney you retain about their prior experience in pursuing these complicated claims.