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The worst foods for distracted driving

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Traffic Offenses Blog Post |

In an era when distracted driving has never been worse, one classic bad habit remains near the top of the list for potential moving violations and crashes: Eating.

We don’t recommend eating while driving under any circumstances, but if you must, here are the top foods to avoid.

Hot coffee

Coffee spills are a double threat. They can ruin clothes and they can cause third-degree burns. To-go coffee cups are prone to leaking. The snap-on tops can pop off even when they appear to be securely fastened. Hitting a big bump in the road, or even a hard turn, can send hot coffee flying through the air. Stick to screw-top coffee mugs or just wait till you arrive at your destination.

Fried chicken, chili dogs and other messy food

Messy food leaves messy hands which can lead to steering wheel mishaps, particularly in bad traffic. Any food that requires a napkin should be saved for non-driving eating.

Tacos, burgers, salad

Any food with lots of components will inevitably result in spillage. Small chunks of food in your lap may not be as distracting as hot coffee, but even brushing it off your lap onto the floor takes your eyes off the road.

Anything that melts

Eating melty food while driving is almost guaranteed to make a mess and cause distractions. Items like ice cream, frozen yogurt and even chocolate leave stains that are difficult to clean up before they melt into your clothes or upholstery.

Food that requires two hands

Two hands off the wheel is the quickest way to receive a moving violation fine. Food that requires condiments, like French fries, or utensils are included in this category.

Some distracted driving violations are easier to beat than others. If you’ve been charged with distracted driving, speak to an attorney about your options to avoid a fine or license suspension.