While traveling on the highway or back roads, you may encounter situations where you feel annoyed or otherwise aggravated.

Noticing the telltale signs of reckless driving is important for any driver.

Feeling tempted to speed

According to Psychology Today, closely following another car is a common issue that arises when you are running late to a destination. However, driving far over the speed limit often leads to both fatal and non-fatal car crashes.

Aggressive speeding often causes drivers to lose control of the vehicle and make rash decisions that can endanger others. The faster you go, the less reaction time you have to stop or slow down in case of an emergency.

Pursuing another vehicle

A lack of attention to signaling or letting others have the right-of-way is one sign that you may have reckless tendencies while driving. Recklessness can lead you to act without thinking about others, which may end with you running someone off the road.

You may become so focused on one other driver that you run a red light and put others in danger without realizing it. Cutting another person off at an exit or roundabout can lead to a very tense confrontation or even a crash. In some extreme cases, the other person may try to harm you physically if the situation escalates.

Becoming distracted

Using a cell phone or attempting to eat while driving can also lead to reckless driving. Crashes can also happen when you feel tired or are falling asleep at the wheel.

There is not just one factor that leads to reckless driving and your situation and emotions often influence the outcome.